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Nutricote - Controlled Release Fertilizer

Sun Gro Horticulture offers two brands of controlled release fertilizer—Multicote® in the U.S. and Canada and Nutricote® in the Western U.S. only. Multicote is the brand of controlled release fertilizer used in both the nursery and greenhouse industries, while Nutricote is ideally designed for greenhouse production.

Why use Multicote and Nutricote? Multicote and Nutricote have moderated initial releases and are not as sensitive to temperature as other controlled release fertilizers. If a slow release fertilizer releases too many nutrients early on, it defeats the purpose of using a controlled release fertilizer since the excess nutrients are leached away before a plant can use them. These higher fertilizer salts will begin to build up in the root zone and will eventually lead to suppression of the plant’s growth. Unlike most fertilizers, Multicote and Nutricote give your plants the nutrients they need, when they need them, by having a uniform nutrient release pattern.

Multicote—a wide variety of formulations and release times means that there is a Multicote for any nursery or greenhouse crop. Multicote provides a uniform nutrient release from beginning to end. Plants start out with a good upfront fertilizer release and finish the growing season with nutrients being readily available. Multicote is also available incorporated in Sunshine® or Metro-Mixes®.

Nutricote—the ideal greenhouse controlled release fertilizer. For growers who have used Nutricote, the product is synonymous with quality, reliability, and safety. Nutricote provides precise and controlled release of nutrients during the entire growing period, and this release pattern is consistent year-after-year. Sunshine Mixes fortified with Nutricote are also available. A good selection of formulations and release times are available.

Multicote is available through Sun Gro in the U.S. and Canada. Nutricote is available through Sun Gro in the Western U.S. (including Hawaii) and the Caribbean.

Don’t forget Technigro® as the perfect water-soluble fertilizer complement to your controlled release fertilizer program.

Nutricote - Controlled Release Fertilizer
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